‘Sri RKM Sarada Vidyalaya Girls’ Higher Secondary School’ was founded and established by the great visionary, Sister R.S. Subbulakshmi Ammal a dedicated social worker and educationist. She started our school with the vision to promote education and impart knowledge to women. Our school was initially started with first form to fourth form having 150 students in thatched sheds. Her dedication, determination and commitment to her vision with tireless and selfless service lead the institution to grow into present shape and heights.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

The purpose of education is to become a good citizen and good human being with high moral values, and then being successful in all part of professional and personal life. We carry with us all facts of education with scholastic and non-scholastic dimensions and activities. We certainly believe that every girl has a right to possess required education and knowledge and to lead a good quality of life. We also aim and focus at making each child into a well-rounded human being, with well-honed morals and they are a blessing to the society and globe.

Education system and the curriculum are designed in such a way that it enhances learning throughout life. We follow Tamil Nadu State Board’s syllabus. We offer Drawing, Yoga, and Computer Education for all students. We also give equal importance to Music, Sports, and Band. Apart from good academic records, our school has also won high acclaim for its discipline and co-curricular activities. NSS, Guides, ECO/NGC, RRC, JRC, RSP, Heritage Club, Chess Club, Computer Club, and School Parliament are functioning successfully in our school. We have one extra hour special classes every day to help students to score high marks. Parents meet in the school after every term of the examination ensures personal attention of the academic side on each and every student in a fruitful way.

“Education is not just learning of facts, but the training of mind to think and act”.

We also provide moral education to students, to understand, appreciate and follow ethical values such as duty, dedication, discipline, dignity, perseverance and to continuously develop knowledge, skill and positive attitude. We follow the principles of the Sri Ramakrishna Mission. ‘Liberation of the self and doing good to humanity at all times’ and this is the core and central value of this esteemed institution. The life history, teachings and sayings of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekananda are taught along with bhajans and devotional songs. We train our children academically, physically and mentally so that they can face the world with zeal, courage, and wisdom. Our dedicated team of teachers, took teaching passionately and not as a work. Our Donors, Well-wishers, and Philanthropist make financial contribution for the needy children of the school and this is highly appreciated and valued highly.

Our school has grown over the year leaps and bounds and now is stepping towards the Platinum Jubilee celebration. The phenomenal success of the school has been possible due to the unstinting support and encouragement of our correspondents and secretaries. We sincerely thank the dedicated and positive contributions of all the Headmistresses and Teachers who served for this institution, our Donors, Patrons, and Parents of our students. I take this opportunity to acknowledge their selfless and uncompromised services. I sincerely express my heartfelt gratitude to management, teaching and non-teaching staff members, well-wishers and all those engaged in the success story of Sarada Vidyalaya School.

“Learning is the true imperishable riches, all other things are not riches”

Let us seek the blessings of our Holy Trinity to achieve pinnacle of glory in all aspects. Let us pledge to take our school to even more glorious new heights.