Sri RKM Sarada Vidyalaya Girls Hostel

Swami Vivekananda was the first monk who upheld women’seducation, development and freedom in our country has said that well educated women usually those with academic excellence as well as spiritual excellence can make great contribution to the peace and prosperity of the family and society.The aim of the hostel is to give students an education which moulds their character and make s them grow into integrated personalities, to develop clean and disciplined habits, and to give good moral and spiritual training which the hostel tries to provide.

At present 44 students reside in the hostel. Most of the students are from the lower middle class. Some of them are from single parent homes, while others have lost both parents. They stay in the hostel under the banner of “Devi Home”. These girls of the Devi Home are provided free boarding, lodging, medical care and their other needs.

The routine of the hostel begins with the rising bell at 5 am, it is followed with the prayer bell at 5.30. After the prayer, children are provided milk. From 6 to 7.30 is the time for their personal work. At 7.45 breakfasts is served along with packed lunch.  After school they return to the hostel at 4.30 pm when they have a light snack along with milk followed by half an hour’s free time. The evening prayer starts at 6 pm. After the prayer is  an hour’s study time.  The dinner bell goes at 8.15 pm. The lights are off at 9.30 and those who wish to study further continue to do so in the study hall.

Mrs. Bhagirathi, committee member is taking care of the children at the hostel. She is known for her affectionate yet discipled handling of the children.