Sri RKM Sarada Vidyalaya Middle School

Started in 1932,  school was upgraded in middle school in 1946. The two-storey building has spacious classrooms, a serene shrine, a library, computer laboratory, playground and beautiful open air auditorium.

The school follows the state government syllabus with Tamil as the medium of instruction with classes 1 to 8. 

Special features of the school: 

  • Students are trained to achieve all round development, academically, spiritually, physically by taking part in all the activities of the school with great enthusiasm.
  • National days such as Independence and Republic days are celebrated.  Sports, extra-curricular  and cultural activities are given as much impetus as academics.
  • Nutrition is ensured by a high energy diet financed by philanthropic friends of the school.
  • Special classes are arranged for those with learning difficulties after school hours by the teachers and also by members of Sarva Vidya Abhijyan. 
  • Financial aid for the students who require it is arranged through scholarships from various donors while stationery and footwear are supplied to all the students by the Tamil Nadu Government.